Mattias Rosenbaum and Staffan Svederman have worked together for over 26 years. They started Brasserie Godot in 2001. Before opening their own place, they ran Paus Bar and Kitchen on Rörstrandsgatan and Carl Michael on Kungliga Djurgården.

They were educated to be sommeliers together in 1998, and found each other early in the shared interest in wine and food. Brasserie Godot has received several awards, including the DN Gulddraken in the middle class category 2011.

When you come to our restaurant, we meet you, together with our knowledgeable staff, both on the floor and in the kitchen.

A geographical location on the fine street, a concept that has been the same since 2001, a kitchen that refuses to stop developing and a house artist that balances on the thin boundary between brilliance and madness. There you have Brasserie Godot in one sense. A big plus is also given Brasserie Godot for its weekly vegan menu, which proves with desirable clarity that it is possible to eat luxuriously and well without animal ingredients.

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